Bolivia's Regime Threatens To Shut Us Down

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Today in an interview, Interior Minister, Arturo Murillo, said that Radio Kawsachun Coca (RKC) "should be shut down," accusing the outlet of inciting terrorism and sedition. As RKC's English language service, Kawsachun News is also under threat. 
During an interview with Radio Fides, Bolivia’s notoriously authoritarian Interior Minister, Arturo Murillo, blamed RKC for recent attacks on antennas in the town of Yapacani in Santa Cruz, where some local residents brought down what they thought was a 5G tower, following months of fake news on social media in regards to supposed health effects of such installations. 
He claims, without evidence, that Evo Morales and the MAS are behind such attacks and that "the channel they use for this is Kawsachun Coca and the community radio stations (...). These radios, like RKC, promote violence, terrorism, and sedition; these radio stations should be closed. Normally, its the (union) leaders who speak, but the main person responsible, Evo Morales, also speaks there."
These accusations are utterly false. There is not a single example of RKC promoting attacks on supposed '5G' antennas. In fact, the station dedicated a special edition of our two hour evening radio show 'Llajtaj Parlaynin,' to dispelling myths about 5G, discussing the fake news regarding the spread of COVID-19 through the antenna. The same program discussed 5G technology as a triumph of Chinese development which Bolivia was on course to adopt, until the coup when the new regime broke off cooperation with Huawei to serve US interests. 
This is the latest attack against freedom of the press in Bolivia, in particular against Kawsachun Coca and Kawsachun News, the largest outlet reporting on the abuses of the coup regime.
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